By Jonathan Crowder on February 7, 2018


Selecting a partner is one of the most important and difficult decisions most entrepreneurs make. But when that partner happens to be a venture capital firm, which brings money to the table but also likely requires some measure of control, the dynamics become even more complex. If you’re going to give up some equity on your cap table, you’d be well served by finding an investor who brings skills you couldn’t easily hire or outsource using a quick google search...

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By Kevin Stevens on January 16, 2018


Last week I tweeted what I believe to be one of the best personal growth hacks for anyone looking to advance their career at an accelerated pace. Find a mentor that is 2-3 steps ahead, which is about 24-36 months, but on a similar career path.

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By Kevin Stevens on November 30, 2017


For decades, incumbents in industries such as energy, healthcare, and finance have enjoyed the luxury of being protected by regulation. This has provided a moat against competition and eliminated the need for innovation leaving behind inefficient businesses and frustrated consumers. However, customer expectations are changing rapidly resulting in a demand for change and a major opportunity for building impactful, durable businesses.

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By Kevin Stevens on November 1, 2017


A few days ago, I published a post on the importance of setting up internal processes for fundraising. Part II focuses on identifying the correct potential firms, interacting with them during the process, and finally closing the deal. Let's jump in.

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By Kevin Stevens on October 26, 2017


I’ve covered storytelling as a tool to help others emotionally engage with the business and displaying empathy for users via a heightened degree of customer knowledge. Here, I’ll cover more of the capital raising process itself and a few tips that should make things go a little more smoothly.

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