Blog / archive: 2017 September

By Kevin Stevens on September 23, 2017


The reason I do this is that I want to be known for always having time for founders. People tell me, "I know you're really busy, I don't want to keep you." But it's my job to meet with founders. There is nothing I love more. - @jason

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By Kevin Stevens on September 13, 2017


CrunchBase recently published a new case study on early-stage funding including the different types of deal structures, priced (equity) and unpriced (convertible notes or SAFES). The post was a useful, if very high level, overview of the early-stage funding process. However, due to this simplicity, the article painted a naive picture of how unpriced rounds often work in practice. While notes and SAFES have become the norm in recent years, it doesn't mean they should be, especially in underserved ecosystems like Texas, Pittsburgh, or Atlanta.

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By Kevin Stevens on September 7, 2017

It’s been over two years since we decided to start investigating the idea of starting a venture capital firm, and in doing so we thought at length about our thesis, our processes, and, equally as important, our mission and values. The result is the below set of ideals that will be the foundation behind the Intelis Capital name and serve as the rubric by which we conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

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