Blog / archive: 2019 September

By Kevin Stevens on September 24, 2019


The UN Climate Conference kicks off today in New York which makes this feel like an appropriate time to discuss the current state of capital allocation in the energy sector. When thinking about the capital landscape for any sector, I think about 4 categories: non-profits, governments (including grants), private capital, and for-profit capital...

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By Jonathan Crowder on September 20, 2019


Many VCs tell entrepreneurs that they’re a value added investor. It sounds great on paper. Often it is even true. But why do you want a value added investor, and what does it mean in practice?

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By Jonathan Crowder on September 4, 2019


This morning, Alphabet announced that it is launching an infrastructure holding company called Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners that will be focused on tech-enabled infrastructure for energy, mobility and water. This is simply the latest signal among many that now is an exciting time to be investing in technology for infrastructure industries, as the exit aperture expands to include acquirers outside the industry’s traditional players...

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