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By Jonathan Crowder on August 20, 2018

For decades, GE was known as one of the world's most effectively managed companies. Their leadership training programs were the envy of most of the Fortune 500, and GE alumni could command a significant premium in the job market. Now it looks like those days are long gone...

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By Jonathan Crowder on July 30, 2018

All successful companies experience a set of inflection points that dramatically impact the trajectory of growth. I'm excited to congratulate BioLum Sciences on reaching their next major inflection point, thanks to their announcement that they've been invited to join JLabs @ TMC.

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By Jonathan Crowder on February 7, 2018


Selecting a partner is one of the most important and difficult decisions most entrepreneurs make. But when that partner happens to be a venture capital firm, which brings money to the table but also likely requires some measure of control, the dynamics become even more complex. If you’re going to give up some equity on your cap table, you’d be well served by finding an investor who brings skills you couldn’t easily hire or outsource using a quick google search...

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By Jonathan Crowder on August 24, 2017


We spend a great deal of time trying to understand which traits are the best leading indicators that a person has what it takes to build...

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By Jonathan Crowder on August 18, 2017


Soon, for the first time in history, every human will have a reasonably powerful computer in their pocket...

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